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The exact date the building was built is unknown but there is evidence that it was buit around the mid 1800's. It is recorded that it was previously named 'YE YN OF RUNETUNE' and was first granted a publicans licence in February 1948. It was then re licenced under the name 'PAVILLION & VILLAGE INN'  March 1973.

For the past 20 years up until January 2023 the Village Inn had been run by Clive & Graham. They are greatly known in the community but decided it was time to retire from the pub life and enjoy some well deserved retirement.

The new Landlord Lee Merritt, along with his wife Harriet and young family are now the new force behind the pub. Having both run and worked in local pubs and hotels in the area, they are well known faces to many.


As a family they are so excited with the opportunity to put their own stamp on this beautiful old pub. With a warm welcoming environment, serving fresh good food, ales, craft beers etc, all a stones throw from the beach. 



West Runton Pavilion was a popular music venue on the North Norfolk coast. In its heyday, they hosted concerts by many of the top bands of the time.


The Pavilion, originally a sports hall began hosting dances during the Second World War and the venue became known as North Norfolk Pavilion. In the early days, the music was provided by collection of military bands.


In the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's Pop groups took over the main entertainment nightly at the pavilion. Many bands liked to use the venue for practice as the acoustics were so good. The venue which was a long way off the beaten track provided to be an ideal place for groups, wanting to try out their new material before embarking on UK tours. It was also difficult to reach for music journalists, so groups could warm up in a safe and unusual environment. The opening of the pavilion also coincided with the explosion of punk rock and many of the new bands played there included most notably the Sex Pistols. In fact, the venue hosted many of the biggest names in rock punk and new wave at the time.


Sadly, the venue was demolished in 1986, but there is a blue plaque on the wall of the Village Inn to commemorate it.

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